Digital Advertising Agency


Do you need help with marketing for your small business? Perhaps you have a marketing plan but you need help in delivering it.

M4Marketing offers a tailored approach for your business - from offering ongoing long term planning and implementation to help with a single marketing campaign. Plus our pay as you go approach is perfect for smaller businesses that don't want to be tied in.


MARKETING when you need it

Search Marketing
Social Media

Get in front of your customers online when they are looking for you through SEO and PPC marketing. We specialise in Google Ads (and Bing), Google My Business and Google Maps - all of which help in creating your digital footprint. 

In today's world, social media is a key way to get in front of customers. Over 80% of under 45s have used social media in the last 3 months (source: ons.gov.uk). We can help you make the most of social media - from setting up a facebook business page, content planning/creation to paid social in order to grow awareness of your offerings and generate leads. 

Email Marketing

We can create branded emails and landing pages for you to stay in touch with your customers and convert potential clients. They could be weekly, monthly or simply and one-off campaign - no tie ins from our end.

Website Build & Analytics

Having an appealing website is a way to announce your presence to the world and somewhere to talk about your offering - we can help you put together a website that works for you. And incorporate analytics so we know what is working (or not) and make it better.



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